tupyx is
Claudio Amorim.

creative soul

creative soul

Kiddo, I stole my father’s camera to take pictures.
Rebel preteen, I customized and dyed my clothes in fluo.
Young man, I experimented with acting, photography, clay sculpting, etc.
In university, concepts for ad campaigns were mine.
By making movies, I grabbed a solid experience in creative processes.

1. get inspired

I like researching and getting impregnated with new ideas. Certainly expanding my cultural knowledge, some of these ideas will definitely affect my take on the project I’m working at that moment. Research turn into fuel for brainstorm sessions. And of course, listen is a key attitude!

2. find a concept

Accordingly to context and intentions, the creative team must make choices and narrow ideas down to one or two core concepts and build a vision for guidance. I enjoy imagining possible branches, derivations and deviations, texts, images and sound, users and characters, outcomes.

3. build on it

Always open to suggestions and constructive interventions, I ensure a consistent direction for the accomplishment of the project. I coordinate teamwork aiming at flexible goals. Trials are very welcome and testing required. A final product is shaped with continuous adjustments.

tech heart

tech heart

From film to digital art,
I have enlarged and deepened my technical knowledge.

Programming is more than technical. It’s creative practice. Knowing how to program expands my abilities to make aesthetic ideas come true. Today I can say I’m a programmer, I know how to find logical solutions and I’m not afraid to explore new languages. Sure, sometimes I pull out a little hair, but the satisfaction of reaching a desired result is enormous. Programming is also a lot of fun.

Experimenting with audio was an obvious choice. Already with good experience in the production of images, I found important to understand the use of sound and its production. Besides the cultural background, I acquired solid technical knowledge to create, produce and discuss about the effects of sound in the fields of new media and interactivity.

Video art and AV performances led me to discover the synthesis of moving images and new relationships between sound and image. Already experienced on planning and conceiving films, I went on practicing video editing, effects composing, image manipulation through code, video mapping, and website design. Now my visuals reach a wider range of screens.